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Activity A - Waste Sector Facility Tours

$199 Each

One day tour of leading Waste Disposal & Recycling facilities in Toronto and surrounding area that transfer, manage, process and dispose of a variety of the materials from both the Residential stream and the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sectors. The tours will depart from and return to Beanfield Center (100 Princes' Blvd, Suite 1,Toronto, Ontario).  Approximate time 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Included in the tour is tour sites, bus transportation, lunch and resource materials.

ADL Process 

ADL Process is an electronics processing and recycling center fully recognized by the Ministry of Environment and R2 certified. Located at Keele and St Clair in the heart of Toronto since 2001, we offer secure data destruction, certified product destruction and responsible electronics recycling services to businesses and institutions.

ADL Process takes pride in running its operations transparently in accordance with environmental regulations and labor laws to the highest standards of industry best practices. By developing efficient processes focused on health & safety, and the training of their employees, ADL Process owners are devoted to helping organizations mitigate their security and reputational risks and ensure end of life electronic products and devices are dealt with in a sustainable manner to reduce their impact on the planet.

ADL Process provides a community drop off door to the public along with a pdf on our website for products we accept, to assist residents in responsible e-waste recycling. We are also proud to have an affiliation with the Toronto Public Library to be able to educate and provide a local e-waste drop off across the GTA.

Earl Turcott Waste Management Facility

The facility is designed into three sections containing four distinct receiving floors thus maintaining clear separation of the various waste streams delivered to the facility. All outbound material will be loaded from an enclosed loading area consisting of three compaction loading bays for residual waste and three open top loading bays for organics, recyclables and residual waste streams. Unique to Miller’s facility designs in Ontario is the incorporation of hydraulic pit scales for trailer weight maximization, resulting in maximized tare weights for outbound residual waste materials and improved site cleanliness. All material delivered will be scanned for radiation to ensure such material is handled in a safe and environmental manner. Also housed in the facility is a designated lounge area for out bound transportation service providers and employee and management facilities.
Additionally this facility was designed to incorporate recycled products where appropriate. Over 4,000 cubic meters of concrete was used incorporating recycled slag and fly ash in its design. Also 35,000 tonnes of recycled concrete was used as an alternative to virgin aggregate as sub base material and 6,000 tonnes of an innovative Miller asphalt mix design containing recycled asphalts shingles was used in the parking lots and roadways.
The project was project managed by Miller Waste’s construction and engineering group, headed by Derek Cathcart and overseen by Adrian Kleywegt.
The facility is named after Earl Turcott, a long standing employee and manager of Miller. Earl Turcott recently achieved 50 years of service with Miller and was responsible for Miller entering the waste management business in 1961, then trading as Markham Disposal. Earl Turcott has been instrumental in positioning Miller as the leading waste diversion company in Canada, driving Miller to get involved in organic composting, material recycling and working with municipalities to enhance their recycling efforts. Earl Turcott is a past board member of the Ontario Waste Management Association and his dedication and commitment to the waste management business is Ontario is widely recognized. We are delighted to honour Earl Turcott with the naming of this new waste management facility for all his hard work in helping make Miller Waste what it is today.

City of Toronto – Disco Road Anaerobic Digester Facility

After 10 years of every day operating performance at the Dufferin facility, the City of Toronto made a strategic decision to expand internal organics processing capacity using the BTA® Process. This facility will annually divert and convert 75,000 metric tonnes of residential and commercial organics collected in the City Green Bin Program.  The facility is designed and built by Aecom Canada using CCI’s technology, the BTA® Process. Operations began in mid 2013 with CCI and Veolia Water Canada. The waste feedstock, which is characterized by a high plastic content due to the collection in plastic bags, will be directly fed to the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment system without any prior treatment. The anaerobic digestion methodology implemented is a wet digestion process in the mesophilic range using two 5,300 m3 digesters with full mixing using compressed biogas. In addition to processing organic waste, other facilities located at this site include: a transfer station, public drop-off for Municipal Hazardous and Special Waste, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and outdoor areas for leaf and yard composting.

York Region - Waste Management Facility

York Region provides convenient public drop-off depots where residents can bring recycling, garbage, household items, yard waste, electronics and other items for recycling and disposal. Each depot accepts a variety of items, please review the list of accepted items before visiting.


ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE A HARD HAT, SAFETY SHOES AND SAFETY GLASSES.  Seating is limited, so book your spot early.  

Sites may vary and change depending on accessibility. Please check back for updates on a regular basis


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