Tuesday, October 24, 2017

7:00 am        Registration Opens - Bus Tours Only
8:00 am        Scotiabank Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario

8:00 am        Bus Tours Departure and Return           
5:00 pm        Scotiabank Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario

5:30 pm        Welcome Gala Reception - co-hosted with CWRE    
7:30 pm        Fallsview Casino - Room R5 (ticket purchase required)    


Wednesday, October 25th, 2017


8:00 am        Registration
                     Scotiabank Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario

8:45 am        Opening and Welcome Address
9:00 am        Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Address
9:20 am        Hon. Chris Ballard (invited)
                     Minister of Environment and Climate Change

9:20 am        How To Save the World Every Day:  Fundamentals of Waste Management            
10:00 am      Robin Nagle, Anthropologist
                     New York University, Department of Sanitation NYC     

10:00 am      Carbon Pricing – The Impact on the Sector Across Canada
10:30 am      Deacon Liddy, P.Eng., GHD Limited
                     Tim Murphy, Vice President, Environmental Performance, Walker Environmental Group

10:30 am      Private-Public Collaborations - A Successful Model to fight Food Waste: Experiences from EU FUSIONS
11:00 am      and REFRESH
                     Toine Timmermans, Program Manager, Circular Economy in Food, 
                     Wageningen University & Research

11:00 am       CWRE Exhibitor Visits and Poster Board Presentations
12:00 pm       All CWRC participants are invited to visit the Poster Board Presentation Area and the CWRE Show Floor


12:00 pm       Luncheon and Poster Board Presentations
1:00 pm         Buffet luncheon for all CWRC participants 


Following lunch all CWRC participants are invited to participate in any of the concurrent sessions. All sessions close at 4:10 pm


Track 1 - Resource Recovery


1:15 pm        Clear Bag Success in Halifax
1:55 pm        Matt Keliher, Manager, Solid Waste
                     City of Halifax

2:00 pm        China - The Impact on China's Proposed Recycled Material Ban
2:40 pm        Jake Westerhof, Canada Fibers (invited)
                     Paulina Leung, Emterra Environmental 
2:45 pm        Scrap Metal Recycling – From You to New
3:25 pm        Cassandra Flores, Account Manager, Post Consumer Materials
                     Triple M Metals

3:30 pm        Meaningful Performance Metrics for Municipal Waste Management
4:10 pm        Andrew (Andy) Wilson, Associate Director Waste (EMEA)
                     GHD Limited

Track 2 - Organics Diversion

1:15 pm        Integrating Different AD Technologies to Increase Processing Efficiencies
1:55 pm        Jim Miller, PE, J.R. Miller & Associates
                     Paul Dewaele, SE, Golder Associates Ltd.

2:00 pm        The City of Toronto and it’s New Anaerobic Digester – 3 Years Later
2:40 pm        Mohammad Islam, P.Eng., GHD Limited 
                     Bob Kearse, Project Manager, City of Toronto
                     Nadine Kerr, Acting Manager of Operations, City of Toronto
2:45 pm        Mixed Waste Processing:  A Tale of Unrequited Love
3:25 pm        Tej Gidda, Principal, GHD Limited

3:30 pm        Diving Into an Organic Waste Framework for Ontario:  How to Manage
4:10 pm        Materials by Providing the Greatest Economic, Environmental and Social Benefit
                     Bobbie Thoman, Market Research Analyst
                     Walker Environmental Group


Track 3 - Green Energy

1:15 pm       The Circular Economy - It's Already Here
1:55 pm       John Wilkinson, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, GreenField Speciality

2:00 pm       Low Carbon Opportunities for Ontario's Waste Sector
2:40 pm       Michael W. Zabaneh, Senior Vice President, Reclay StewardEdge

2:45 pm       Biogas & Landfill Gas: Production and Market Opportunities
3:25 pm       Carlyle Khan, Director, Infrastructure Development and Asset Management
                    City of Toronto

3:30 pm       MSW Management in Sweden – A century of choices for the future
4:10 pm       Dr. Frida Jones, PhD, RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden


Thursday, October 26th, 2017


8:00 am        Registration

8:45 am        Opening and Morning Address
9:00 am        Material Matters - Waste is Material Without An Identity
9:30 am        Thomas Rau, CEO
                     Madaster, RAU Architects, Turntoo

9:30 am        The Politics of Waste: How Do the New Administration, New Congress and Changes to the EPA Affect the 
10:00 am      Waste and Recycling Industry?
                     Chaz Miller, Director Policy/Advocacy 
                     National Waste and Recycling Association

10:00 am      Refreshment Break

Following the refreshment break - all CWRC participants are invited to participate in any of the concurrent sessions.  All sessions close at 12:25 pm and are invited to attend the closing luncheon with our special guest speaker.




12:30 pm      Beyong the Blue Box: Ontario's Fresh Start on Waste Diversion and the Circular Economy
2:15 pm        Dr. Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Following lunch all CWRC participants are invited to attend the CWRC show floor.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Toronto for the 9th Annual Canadian Waste to Resource Conference taking place October 24-25, 2018 at the Allstream Centre/Enercare Centre in downtown Toronto. 






Track 4 - Driving Innovation

10:15 am      Waste Management in Northern and Remote Ontario – The Next Frontier
10:55 am      Luc Denault, CAO and Director of Economic Development
                     Corporation of the Town of Smooth Rock Falls
                     Brian Dermody, Environmental Engineer, GHD Limited

11:00 am      Innovative Approaches to Waste in the Niagara Region - Minimization, Reuse and Recycling
11:40 am      Catherine Habermebel, Director Waste Management Services, Region of Niagara

11:45 am      Recycling’s “One Stop Shop” Business Model
12:25 pm      Paul Oostelbos, Projects Director, Waste Treatment Technology/Plexus Recycling Technologies

Track 5 - Operations/Waste Disposal

10:15 am       Landfill Leachate Treatment - Opportunities for Cost Management
10:55 am       Ryan Schipper, Senior Project Engineer,  Golder Associates Inc.

11:00 am       Process Improvement for the Solid Waste Industry: Mastering the Science
11:40 am       of Operations
                      Neal Bolton, President, Blue Ridge Services

11:45 am       Understanding the Waste Disposal Skeletons in Your Closet
12:25 pm       Megan Farnel, P.Eng., Golder Associates Ltd.


Track 6 - Planning for the Future

10:15 am        Contracting Risk Under IPR
10:55 am        Jonathan Cocker, Partner, Environmental Practice
                       Baker McKenzie LLP

11:00 am        Tackling Waste Crimes
11:40 am        Sam Taylor, Head of London Office/Principal Consultant
                       Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd
11:45 am        Development of the City of Toronto’s Long Term Waste Management
12:25 pm        Strategy
                       Charlotte Ueta, Acting Manager
                       City of Toronto