2019 CWRC Program Guide & Information

2019 CWRC Presentations

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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Track 1: Food & Organic Waste Diversion


Composting, Anaerobic Digestion or Landfill with Gas Utilization - Choose Wisely

Geoff Boyd, Vice President of Resource Recovery, Walker Environmental Group Inc.

Brandon Moffatt, Vice President of Development and Operations, StormFisher Environmental Ltd.


Let’s Talk About Compostable Packaging

Chris McKillop, Vice President, Communications and Government Relations, Club Coffee

Matt Keliher, General Manager, Solid Waste Management Services, City of Toronto

Michael Kopansky, Director, Business Development, Miller Waste Systems Inc.


Diminishing Returns – How Much Organics Recovery is Too Much?

Paul van der Werf, Senior Consultant, 2CG Inc. and AET Group


Food and Organic Waste Disposal Bans – What Works/What Doesn’t

Brian King, Director of Compost Operations, GFL Environmental Inc.

Jeff Traver, District Manager (Atlantic Region),Miller Waste Systems Inc.

Albert Shamess, Director of Waste Management and Resource Recovery, City of Vancouver


Track 2: Programs & Infrastructure


Remediation of Historic Waste Disposal Sites for Future Development Under the RSC Process

Paul Dewaele, Principal and Senior Geo-Environmental Engineer, Golder Associates Ltd.


Region of Durham: Future Mixed Waste Processing and Anaerobic Digestion Facility – The Path to 70% Diversion

Mirka Januszkiewicz, Director of Solid Waste Management, Regional Municipality of Durham

Michael Cant, Principal, Solid Waste, GHD


City of Toronto: Transfer Station Network Capacity Evaluation

Annette Synowiec, Solid Waste Management Services’ Interim Director of Policy, Planning& Outreach, City of Toronto

Charlotte Ueta, Manager of Solid Waste Policy and Planning, City of Toronto


MYT®: A viable mechanical biological waste treatment technology

Glen Tobiason, Quality and Environmental Management, Zweckverb and AbfallbehandlungKahlenberg (ZAK) Ringsheim, Germany


Track 3: Recycling


Challenges and Opportunities in Plastics

Joe Hruska, Vice President of Sustainability, Canadian Plastics Industry Association

Usman Valiante, Principal, Corporate Policy Group

Jay Stanford, Director, Environment, Fleet & Solid Waste, City of London


Recycling Industry Mega Trends and Opportunities

Michael Zabaneh, Director of Integrated Market Development, Canada Fibers Ltd.


Reduced Material Contamination for End Markets – Investing in Infrastructure, Technology& Processes

Atul Nanda, Founder & President, The ReMM GRoup

Gord Day, Vice President, Circular Economy & Sustainability, Emterra Environmental


Chemical Recycling 101

Ryan L’Abbe, Vice President Operations, GreenMantra Technologies


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Track 4: Organics


Municipal Mixed Waste Processing – What Will it Take for Success in Ontario

Craig Bartlett, Waste / Diversion Manager, Regional Municipality of Durham

Tom McLenaghan, Program Manager, New Infrastructure, Region of Peel


Large Scale Solutions to Solve Food Waste & Organic Recycling Issues in Urban Areas

Eric Meyers, Director Organic Recycling, Waste Management Inc.


Municipal Planning – An Emerging Challenge for the Waste Sector

Tim Murphy, Vice President of Environmental Performance, Walker Environmental Group Inc.


Track 5 – Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP)


What Could the Municipal Blue Box System Look Like after Transition to Full EPR?

John D. Coyne, Vice President, External Affairs & Sustainability, Unilever Canada Inc.

Dave Gordon, Senior Advisor Waste Diversion, Association of Municipalities of Ontario

Denis Goulet, President, Miller Waste Systems Inc.


Waste Diversion & Resource Recovery Policy – Room for Success or a Collision Course?

Peter Hargreave, President, Policy Integrity Inc.

Brad Wright, Vice President and General Manager for Canada, Covanta Environmental Solutions


What about Reduction and Reuse?

Emily Alfred, Waste Campaigner, Toronto Environmental Alliance


Track 6: General Waste Topics


Leveraging Marketing to Reduce Common Problems

Jessica Shrout, Owner, Circle Three Branding Inc.


Can Artificial Intelligence technology decrease the cost of curbside waste collection?

Leo van Kampen, President and Chief Technical Officer, Eagle Vision Systems


Deposit Return Systems

Peter Hargreave, President, Policy Integrity Inc.

Clarissa Morawski, CEO, Reloop Platform


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